Split ortholinear keyboard

Over the last year I've become a fan of ortholinear layouts, which use a straight grid for the keyboard layout versus the normal typewriter-style stagger. The only negative of using such a small keyboard though is that it doesn't do anything for your actual arm position and ends up being a little cramp. I figured I'd try one of the new Let's split style layouts out, but wanted to create my own case. This was actually much harder than it looks because I had to route out the inner portion and then cut everything away afterwards.

Bed frame repair work

Often I find repair work more satisfying than making something from scratch. At some point over the summer our 5-year old bed frame had completely come apart. The damage was significant enough I had to cut out a fairly large section and try and replicate the look, chiseling out a spot for the hardware.

Sit or stand computer desk

One thing I've never liked about standing desks is they don't have any drawer space. For mine I added some spots underneath to hold my various audio and gaming gear. The wood is beach and I was able to hang most of the cabled underneath and out of the way.

Coffee table

Went a little too ambitious with the top of this table. Took forever to do all the glue-up for the mahogany pieces but it turned out great.

Playroom toy chest

My first ever real woodworking project was a toy chest for my kids. I guess dad-mode kicked in early.