NNN file manager

Moving from OSX to Linux has overall and very pleasant. One thing I missed was the OSX finder application, which in general felt superior to the various Linux counterparts (there are many). Part of the switch though has involved me re-evaluating my needs and trying to see what else is out there and what I can improve, and I've been reaching for the command line a lot. There are several terminal based file managers, the most popular of which is ranger, but I felt I wasn't really gaining much over GUI applications. Enter nnn, which takes a more pluggable approach to the problem.


Markdown tools for vim

I'm a big vim fan. It feeds my needs for customization and over the years I've made an editor that feels very tailored to the way my brain works. In my job I write lots of documentation, almost always with markdown files, which are easy to write but can get unweildy with large documents. I was also somewhat jealous of Markdown editors like Ulysses, but really missed vims navigation and general text commands. Using Goyo, vim-markdown and vim-pencil I was able to get what I consider the best markdown writing experience possible.


RC car parts

Two days after Christmas my daughter broke a piece on her new RC car. My immediate thought was that this might be a good use for my 3D printer. The tiny wheel axle was pretty complicated to replicate and I had to use a caliper to make the original measurements. A few hours later and I had a mostly decent Tinkercad model built out that I could print. I was pretty impressed on how close it was to the original. Outside of a quick drill press trip to expand one of the hole for the axle, everything came out perfectly on the first print.


Split ortholinear keyboard

Over the last year I've become a fan of ortholinear layouts, which use a straight grid for the keyboard layout versus the normal typewriter-style stagger. The only negative of using such a small keyboard though is that it doesn't do anything for your actual arm position and ends up being a little cramp. I figured I'd try one of the new Let's split style layouts out, but wanted to create my own case. This was actually much harder than it looks because I had to route out the inner portion and then cut everything away afterwards.

Button box

I've gotten a little addicted to flight sims lately and decided I wanted to make a generic button box that would work in a bunch of different frames. This felt very similar to my arcade build, with the only difference being the use of rotary encoders.

Chess board

I spent a weekend building a maple and walnut chess board for my daughter. Not bad considering it was made entirely out of cutoffs laying around the garage.


Bed frame repair work

Often I find repair work more satisfying than making something from scratch. At some point over the summer our 5-year old bed frame had completely come apart. The damage was significant enough I had to cut out a fairly large section and try and replicate the look, chiseling out a spot for the hardware.

Barovia with watercolor pencils

Prepping for a new DND campaign. This is the first time I've ever used watercolor pencils. The negative space feels a bit reversed here, but still fun!